Matthew Wigglesworth 


My name is Matthew, I’m an artist and surfer from the UK. My art represents a surf culture, the way that I see it. It’s for those who dig the feel of riding retro style boards, get stoked on their colours, patterns, shapes and lines they draw on the wave. For folk who enjoy living simply, who seek to practice positive lifestyle choices in and out of the water. A people who are open, creative, happy and ocean friendly. 

Each piece of my artwork is created from those places in my mind and heart, from my soul and what I visualise around me from travel and experience. To be framed from my place to your place, a reminder of good times, salty vibes, from those moments that have captured our spirits and caused a stoked smile both inward and outward. A nostalgic art for an appreciation of all that is good in this surf culture life. 

Matthew’s artwork has been featured in magazines, festivals, shows, surf & sea galleries and boutiques all around the world, including Australia, Japan, Hawaii, California, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain & UK, to name but a few.

Le style d'art unique de Matthieu incarne des couleurs subtiles mais parfois brillantes, des lignes fluides et des poses ludiques qui sont faciles à lire et apportent un sens de la culture de surf détendue qui nous est familière. "J'adore tout le style de vie simple et réduit. Je voyage, je pratique le yoga et la méditation et je fais du surf régulièrement pour harmoniser mon âme avec la nature de la mer, de la nature et du surf. Je veux que mon art représente cette façon de vivre et que les gens puissent Regarde mon art et ressente qu'ils peuvent se rapporter. Qu'il continue de garder ces bonnes ondes positives.


DustAndFumes - Hawaii, USA

BlueSaltSurf - Barcelona, SPAIN

HomeAtFive - Illfracombe, UK

PaigeBoyPrints - California, USA

Dust Surf - Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Nick Jaffe - Tasmania, AUSTRALIA


Inguz - Florida, USA

Esker Gallery - Hossegor, FRANCE

SaltyDesigns - Paris, FRANCE

MagicQuiver - Ericeira PORTUGAL

The Vagabond Van - SPAIN

Alkalifins - AUSTRALIA

Ondas Do Bem - BRAZIL

On Island Time - Nantucket, USA

Surfing Craft - GERMANY

Small Gatherings - UK / FRANCE

GreenRoom Gallery - JAPAN

GreenRoom Gallery - HAWAII

The Frame Shop - Devon, UK

Nineplus - Cornwall, UK / WORLDWIDE

Surfrider Foundation - EUROPE

Lagoa Surfe Arte - BRAZIL

ZZYXX Shoes - California, USA

Noosa Surf Film Festival - Noosa, AUSTRALIA

Liquid Salt Magazine - California, USA

Oxbow - Paris, FRANCE


Jo & Co Home - Cornwall, UK


BTZ Surf - Biarritz, FRANCE

Anna Ehrgott - California, USA


Daisy Campbell - UK

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